Are you part of the CARAHS LinkedIn group?

Hi Everyone,

There is a difference between the number of people in our CARAHS LinkedIn group, 367 on February 1st, versus my connections of 891. Missing in action are 524 people and we would like every one of these to become part of our group.

PLEASE check to see if you are part of our group and that’s easy to do. Simply go to the “Members” section, enter your name into the “search members” box and press the search button. If the response says “Sorry, we found 0 members matching your search” This means you are one of the 524 people missing and we would like you to become part of the group. Again if your details show up, you are already part of our group.

TO BECOME PART OF THE GROUP. Please go to the search box (top right) change it to “Group search” enter carahs, and then click search. When the CARAHS page appears, click “Join Group”

Hopefully everyone will become part of our CARAHS LinkedIn group, as you will get notification of discussions important to your business. Again it allows you to respond to these discussions and if you want, start your own discussion, giving tips, education or advice in your field. This gets you and your business noticed by people, including the opportunity of search engines locating you.

We look forward to seeing everyone becoming part of our CARAHS LinkedIn group and we thank you for your support.

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