Alec Caldwell

This is a question we have asked all attendees at our Ministry of Labour Approved Working at Heights training classes over the past 2 years. It seems like many employers and workers don’t know what to do in case of an accident. “What would you do if someone receives a […]

What will you do if an accident occurs on your ...

Under the pressure of complaints, presumably, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has extended by six months the April 1 deadline for construction workers to get their new Working At Heights training. The new deadline is Oct. 1. This means all existing Fall Arrest ticket holders must enroll in training with an approved MOL training provider before […]

Ontario Ministry of Labour Extends Working at Heights Deadline

Alec explains the TWO major legal reasons why Pitching In should never be allowed on your projects Last week, editor Steve Payne wrote about mainstream media articles advising homeowners on how to save money on renovations, including the dreaded PITCHING IN. I’ve been warning about this stuff for years. There […]

Caldwell: The INSANITY of letting your homeowner client “Pitch In”

The harnesses are yellow and blue, have an "up" arrow on them, and do NOT say CSA-Approved. Or if they do, in some instances, CSA-approval is missing from key components. Non- CSA-approved fall safety systems are being sold in buckets at big box stores. They are often billed as “Roofer’s […]

Beware of these non compliant fall safety harnesses sold at ...