Cover Your Assets

Should you put your entire nest egg in one basket?

Diversification is safety. Often people put all of their trust and retirement savings in the hands of one bank, instead of spreading it out over a few financial institutions. Why would you bet all your money on one horse when you can hedge your bets and increase your potential of more money? Let us help you diversify & grow your savings to secure your future

Are your funds protected in case of accident, sickness or death?

What would happen to you and your family if you were unable to work or pay your bills? How long would you survive? If you have your mortgage and mutual funds through the bank, this allows them access to your savings in order to pay off your debts. So, why would you let the loan shark hold on to all of your money?

Do you have creditor protection?

The wolves are always looking for ways to get your money. You and your family need protection in case of outstanding debts, fines, prosecutions or other large financial obligations should something happen to you.

How about an exit strategy for your business when you retire?

You've worked hard over the years to build up a profitable business, but what will happen to it once you retire? Is it transferrable to your family? Sellable to interested parties? Your business holds important value and can continue to provide for you if the right steps are taken. Don't let your years of work go to waste.

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