Pension Builder

Manulife PensionBuilder is a straight-forward, low-risk investment that allows you to convert some of your retirement savings into a source of dependable income that you can’t outlive.

Whether you’re building for your retirement or are in the retirement stage of your life, you can look to Manulife PensionBuilder to supplement existing guaranteed income sources or to create a new income source on which you can rely.

This innovative income solution is designed to provide:

• A secure income stream that is guaranteed for life to help form the foundation of a retirement income plan

• A higher level of retirement income the earlier you invest and the later you wait to start drawing income

• Flexibility to choose when to begin taking income, as early as age 50

• The option of uninterrupted income for life for your surviving spouse

• A conservative investment with full access to your market value, should the need arise (fees may apply)

It's never too early or late to prepare for retirement!

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