I read the following article and thought I’d share it with everyone here. Steve H. has been very honest and finds himself in a situation of wanting to “fire a customer”

I’m sure others have experienced this type of problem, so we’d like your comments on your experience and any suggestions, tips or idea’s you might have.

Again we welcome all comments from everyone on this subject. The outcome is to handle situations like these correctly, to conquer them, to keep our dignity and earn a decent dollar for our work efforts. Thank you.

 Article from: Canadian Contractor Renovators magazine. February 3, 2012

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“I’ve been following the Canadian Contractor website, great information and articles.

I got a topic that I never really seen anyone cover.
How do you fire a client?

I know it does sound right but sometimes you start a job and everything start great but you start to realize that the client is not worth the trouble. I not talking about walking away with the job not finished, I always finish what I start, but the same client keeps calling asking you to do different projects.

Do you jack up your rate till they doesn’t want to pay you, or do you stop answering there messages? or is better communication needed. I don’t what them to get angry at me but I’m tired of how they keep trying to push down my price, they obviously don’t value the price they put on my work.

I’ve started my company about 2 years ago, I might do $150,000 in sales this year, so we are not talking major additions, but smaller kitchens and bathroom and repair work”

Steve H

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