NEWSFLASH – Unfounded report – Ontario College of Trades still set to unemploy home renovators

Abolish OCOT Photo Queens Park 8,Apr 2014 IMG_3616We reported on some misinformation that circulated recently about the current Ontario Government shelving OCOT making home renovations a compulsory trade.  Whoever started this misinformation be it by design or whatever, this was in my opinion forces trying to derail those against this move, including CARAHS, who want the OCOT shut down. Thousands of home renovators and drywallers will be unemployed if this goes through or will have to join the underground market in order to feed their families.

The following arrive on my desk today, from Karen Renkema, Chair of the Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance.

“Recently, there have been reports that the Ontario College of Trades was going to pause any further reviews of compulsory certification (ie carpenter and drywallers etc). We understand that these reports are currently unfounded and furthermore that the Ontario Liberal government is committed to pressing ahead with broad based compulsory certification of trades in the province, through the College of Trades. 

The Ontario Skilled Trades Alliance will continue as aggressively as ever to hold the Liberal government and College of Trades to account. Our work could not be more urgent or important. Just yesterday, the College approved another trade status review, to consider whether to make boilermakers a compulsory trade.  Add that to the Millwrights, Carpenters, Drywallers and Powerline Technicians. This just shows how fast the Liberal government is moving”

CARAHS was founded as a non profit association to advocate and mentor independent self employed renovators and home services (Canadian Association of Renovators and Home Services)  

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