Some basics on the Ministry of Labour (MOL)

The most common question we hear is “I’ve never had a visit yet from the MOL and I’ve been working at construction for years”

Well here’s how that situation has changed:
Inspectors NOW cover job sites, including residential homes 7 Days a week. They now have a toll free line for anyone, including homeowner to call and report unsafe practices (Toll free 1-877-202-0008)
Their ALSO want to see your mandatory: “Fall Awareness” and “WHIMIS” completed course training card certificates.

Also you NOW get ticket on the spot for infractions for not following the Occupational Health and Safety Act: The basic fines are:

Not wearing protective footwear $195.00, Failing to wear head protection (Hardhat) $195.00, Not wearing eye protection (Safety glasses) $195.00, Failing to use fall arrest system $295.00 and for every ticket someone on your job site or home renovation job gets, you the business owner receives the combined total of all tickets as your fine.

Your best approach……….

For your protection, have all these items and more in place NOW. Not having them gets you noticed by the MOL and on to their radar. Being on their radar can also bring WSIB into play and the possibility of an audit, as both organizations NOW work very closely together. Work smart.
Thank you, Alec Caldwell (CARAHS Founder)

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