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Under the pressure of complaints, presumably, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has extended by six months the April 1 deadline for construction workers to get their new Working At Heights training. The new deadline is Oct. 1. This means all existing Fall Arrest ticket holders must enroll in training with an approved MOL training provider before […]

Ontario Ministry of Labour Extends Working at Heights Deadline

Imaging falling out of the very thing that was designed to save you in the first place. Talk about defeating the purpose, right!! Many full body harnesses are NOT designed to fit everyone. This can be due to a person’s shape or simply, it’s not sized enough to hold them […]

Wearing the wrong body harness might not save you in ...

The way a lot of contractors answer their phones these days leaves a lot to be desired. Too many of us answer our phones on job sites and use minimum wording like: Yip, Yeah, Hmmm, and other unwelcoming little gems. I know, I know, you’re multi-tasking. You might be halfway […]

What kind of cell phone etiquette do you or your ...

Why do homeowners undermine their renovation contractors by inviting outsiders on to job sites to complete work? My advice is when this happens, nip it in the bud immediately and DO NOT allow anyone on to your job site, as you can well become liable under the Ontario Occupational Health […]

Are homeowners compromising your work site?

On the brink of the holiday season, I thought we could have a little fun this week. Let’s have a little, no-holds-barred venting from our much appreciated Canadian Contractor readers. Tell us, below, your answer to this question: As a contractor, which celebrity TV contractor would you rather share your Christmas dinner with – Mike […]

Who would you rather have Christmas dinner with: Jim Caruk ...