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Under the pressure of complaints, presumably, the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) has extended by six months the April 1 deadline for construction workers to get their new Working At Heights training. The new deadline is Oct. 1. This means all existing Fall Arrest ticket holders must enroll in training with an approved MOL training provider before […]

Ontario Ministry of Labour Extends Working at Heights Deadline

If regulatory authorities can’t be bothered with safety rules in their own photos, what kind of a message are they sending? Recently, the Ontario College of Trades Taxes devoted the front page of their official propaganda rag publication (Trades Today, Fall 2016) to “Promoting Safety & Compliance.” If only they […]

Photo on Ontario College of Trades website shows safety violation

Owner erected life-lines and fall protection AFTER his worker plunged 18 feet Three workers were re-shingling a residential roofing in Bayfield Ontario when one of the workers fell 18 feet. The owner, Bradley Clothier, a sole proprietor of AB Roofing from Dorchester, Ontario, had no fall protection equipment installed for his team. […]

Attempts to deceive Ministry of Labour (Ontario) inspector lands contractor ...

It’s the employee. Yet the employer often pays for the training. This is going to fuel the underground economy, Alec Caldwell fears. Here in Ontario, after workers successfully complete the (new) required full day Working at Heights course, they are issued a temporary certification card – on the spot. This is supposed to be kept in […]

Who owns an Ontario ‘Working at Heights’ certification card, employer ...

For those who have not heard yet, well here it is: every contractor or persons on construction sites in Ontario, including home renovations and those delivering product (!) will ALL have to re take the NEW fall arrest or working at heights courses modules 1 & 2  that appear to […]

Ontario Ministry of Labour "working at heights" course modules will ...