The Great Untouched Renovation Market

Article posted on Canadian magazine

How can there be a market out there that’s untouched? I can tell you it’s under our noses and a huge amount of contractors right now don’t even realise it. I’ve decided to share this with you, because it’s a market that’s about to explode over the next 15 years. Maybe you’d like to get on board?

It’s the accessibility market and with baby boomers aging it’s going ballistic. One in every four Canadians will be retiring and the majority will want to continue stay in their own homes as they age and will need renovations to accommodate this. They’ve got the money with more made available through programs for the elderly and disabled.

If you want a share of this market, get the knowledge you need by taking courses like the “Customer Service for the disabled” certificate course and the “Contractors Accessibility Training.”

It’s also about asking homeowner questions like, “Do you intend to retire in your home here and if so, what changes are needed to accommodate this?” Maybe it’s putting in a shower with no sill to step over. Maybe it’s about designing the approach to the home’s front doorway so it removes stairs and other obstacles. Then there’s designing decks better for easy access. How about asking them if there are family members who visits and is there adjustments needed in the home to accommodate them?

These probing questions will make you stand out from the crowd and also show you care.

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Alec Caldwell (CARAHS Founder)

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