Working at Heights Course Feedback

These are some of the things participants said about our
Working at Heights training:

“The training was the best I ever had.  The instructor was playful, easy going and the facility  was very warm and welcoming. I would recommend CARAHS to anyone looking to get their Working at Heights.”
– William

“Very well informed, hands on perfect. Even after 35 years working on site it was still very informative. Happy I decided to attend here.. AWESOME INSTRUCTORS.”
– Gary

“I really enjoyed this course.  Lots of fun!  Real talk and eye opening info”
– Chris

“Very informative, it is always good to continually learn how to work safe.”

“Safety approached with the seriousness to show its importance but the humor to make the presentation engaging.  Excellent Job!

Very good, well informed instructor, approachable.  Very good information over the phone when booking the course, CARAHS was easy to find on Ministry website”
– Chris

Fun and informative, made the day go by easier, would recommend CARAHS for training over other training courses I have taken
– Aaron

Was a great course, I learned a lot and kept my attention through the whole course

Thanks for keeping it real funny
– Phil

Course was a great eye opener and has helped me to understand my role as a supervisor

This course wasn’t just informative for the job site but it gave some positive life values to be conscious at all times even when walking near a job site or working at home.  Great job Alec and Monica!”

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