A common Sense Approach To Health And Safety

A Common Sense Approach To Health And Safety – submitted by Member Rick Parsons – Expert Safety Solutions
 Common Sense
It’s just common sense! Have you ever heard that before? Of course! From your Dad or Mom, who may have been trying to explain why you should do something a certain way, or a supervisor or boss who was exasperated with you on the job.

Common sense is the ability to think and behave in a reasonable way and to make good decisions that can be reasonably expected of nearly all people without any need for debate.

Example? You really should go to see a doctor if your leg hurts that much. It’s just common sense!

So why is common sense lacking today?

Everyone knows or should know, that speeding in a car is dangerous and can result in a crash that can injure or kill you. Yet, two experienced car racers just died, in part, because they chose to ignore that bit of common sense, perhaps thinking that it didn’t apply to them because they were so good at driving that they could handle anything that happened.

We all know, if that knife slips it’s better to have work gloves on.
Or, if you fall from the roof, it’s better to have a fall arrest system on.
Or, it’s better to have safety glasses on if your grinding and a chunk of metal flies off.
Or, it that material contains Asbestos it’s better to have a respirator on.
Or, it that pile of lumber slips it’s better to have my steel-toed work boots on.

But, why don’t people wear them if they know these things?

Could it be that they don’t think it will happen to them? That somehow they are better than that, the safety rules or even common sense rules don’t apply to them. Or, nothing has happened before.

Well, the rules do apply. You see, many of the “old” common sense rules were based on the physical laws of nature.

If you run you could trip and fall because of the laws on gravity, balance and speed.

If you get hit by moving machinery on a construction site it’s because of the laws of motion and inertia.
If you get sick because of breathing in toxic fumes it’s because of your body’s respiratory laws, and your need to take in oxygen.

So can we really take shortcuts and expect to keep on getting away with it?

Do yourself a favor. Think, before attempting any dangerous or hazardous work or behavior. Take a moment to think about this:

Can this hurt me?
How can I do it more safely?

It’s just common sense!

Rick Parsons
Expert Safety Solutions

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