A mason in his 30’s today falls from scaffolding to his death at a new home construction site

A mason in his 30’s today falls from scaffolding to his death at a new home construction site on Fifeshire Road Toronto. He leave’s behind 3 children.

Police officer tells Global News “Safety is a primary concern”

Alec Caldwell CARAHS founder tells Global news “It would be great to get all the contractors in Toronto, bring them over here right now and say look this is what goes on, pay attention, this is real”

See Glodal News video report

The Ministry of Labour will now investigate this accident, it’s their job to find out who was at fault and prosecute anyone found guilty of violating of the Occupational Health & Safety Act. Investigations normally include the builder, sub contractors and supervisors. Everyone found guilty of contravening the Act, face fines ranging from $25,000 to $500.000 and up to 12 months in jail.

CARAHS asks that any sub trades, sub contractors or employees hired complete a Fall Protection Awareness course, as it’s the law Canada wide. A copy of this course certificate should be help by the hiring company or person for their records and protection.

It could be something as minor as a bone fracture that alerts the Ministry of Labour (MOL) and chances are you’ll be contacted. They will be looking for compliance and in what training the injured person received. Remember everyone coming on to your job site are considered your employees, even self employed contractors and trades.

If anyone needs to complete a Fall Awareness Protection course, CARAHS has made it easy. Simply visit their online education e-courses and complete this in the comfort of your office or home. Once completed, immediately print the certificate and sign it. Visit our online courses at: www.carahs.org

Finally under investigation the MOL may be asked to supply a company’s Policy and Procedures. If you don’t know what this is or don’t have one, CARAHS can help you   and tailor one to suit your company. Contact us now for information (Toll free) 1-866-366-2930


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