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WSIB poster & more photoCARAHS continues to carrying out our 2014 survey for contractors and their individual compliance under the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act, WSIB Bill 119 and other issues effecting them in the industry this year. Our survey takes about 20 minutes and all surveys are handled in full compliance with the Privacy Act, meaning we do not share information with anyone, including MOL, WSIB or your competition.

After completion of your survey, we will then forward to you a selection of compliance items (see photo on this page).  This includes the NEW mandatory Ministry of Labour (MOL) poster for your workplace and the normal WSIB version. Both 4 and 5 step MOL booklet “Health & Safety awareness are under present laws to be complete by everyone working in Ontario, whether on a job site or working at Tim Horton’s”. The deadline was July 1, 2014. Have you done this yet?

There is a MOL video version of this book which you can access through our CARAHS web site’s front page.  It’s a free video with a course completed card at the end to print out. Keep copies, as the MOL does not!

Every worker and sub trade has to complete either the video or the books (in package).  Make sure you keep these booklets in your file as proof of completion if you are requested to show these to the Ontario MOL

You will receive a copy of our survey soon through your email. At that time you will receive a call from Carrie in our office following up to make sure you received it (we do not want you to think it was another piece of SPAM). Please complete this simplistic form and return to us. Once back we will send you out your package.

5 step 20140812_154445-1Please Note.                                                                                                                                          The small little green book on the left-hand side of our photo is called “Occupational Health and Safety Act and WHMIS regulations” This book is not part of your package, but forms a huge part in the photo you see. There is a cost to this book and it’s a revised 2014 version. The cost is $15.00 plus postage (HST included).  We can send you this upon request.

Can you provide first Aid within 4 minutes?

Our office’s First Aid kit (shown in picture) is only for minor injuries like paper cuts. Onsite kits should be more substantial to fit the surroundings. Keep in mind you need someone qualified to use the First Aid kit, someone who has taken a First Aid certificated course, and who are on site at all times to address these emergencies. Remember calling 911 is not a rescue plan. It is not your first action of looking after someone who is injured and needs fast response. Calling 911 may come into your plan later.

By providing education and training, CARAHS reduces your risk of fines, job site closures and prosecution under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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