Safety Plans (Policy & Procedure)

All businesses MUST have written Policy & Procedures, as prescribed under the Ontario Health & Safety Act (OHSA). Required regardless of company size. These procedures are designed to protect a business, its workers, its sub trades and anyone else who might enter the workplace. Regulation clause 25(2)(j) of the OHSA

Failure to comply can bring fines, workplace closures and prosecution.

Diligent built safety plans ensure workers follow Health and Safety laws and especially needed after injury or a fatality of a worker. These plans form part of Ministry of Labour inspector’s investigation. Solidly built plans can help reduce a company and its officers’ liability. Lack of safety plans can deliver maximum penalty to those
found in non-compliance under current legislation.

Experience tells us that many company existing plans are not adequate or are outdated under current OHSA laws.

Contact us now to get your safety plan or to review existing ones.

Take our quick test. (These are only a sample of requirements under the OHSA)

Safety Plans

1.Do you have written safety plan (Policies & Procedures)?
2. Have workers completed the Working at Heights training?
3. Have workers completed the WHMIS training?
4. Have workers completed the Mol 4 step awareness training
5. Is someone on site trained for First Aid (Minimum St John’s or equivalent)?
6. Have you an emergency plan?
7. Procedures on Violence or Harassment?
8. Hazard Reporting procedures in place for unsafe working conditions?
9. Do you provide workers safety orientation?
10. Do you have Disciplinary procedures?
“NO” answers means non-compliance.