Carpenters Union and College of Trades forcing Home Renovators into the Union or you won't be able to work.

Karen Renkema – Chair of the Stops the College of Trades Tax  says

We need your help to fight the aggressive push that is sure to come from the Carpenters Union for this job-killing change.

The Carpenters Union’s push to make carpentry a compulsory trade in Ontario has begun. The story below just broke in the Toronto Sun.

Making carpentry a compulsory trade would be the biggest change to the construction industry in generations. At a time when we need grow jobs and create opportunities, at a time when we need to make the skilled trades more attractive and easier to access, the Ontario government is charting the opposite course.

There are two ways we could use your help now. 

1) We are looking for regional voices around the province to speak in opposition of this. If you or someone in your network is willing to speak to local media about this issue, please get in touch. Anyone can speak up, whether a business owner, an association member or a guy swinging a hammer. The more voices we can identify, the stronger our efforts will be.

2) If you or someone you know already has a regular column for your local paper or spot on a radio program, etc., and is willing to tackle this issue, we would love to work with you. 

Please pass this note around. Anyone who has a lead, please get in touch with Jessica Georgakopoulos or by phone at 416-994-7901 or call CARAHS -1 866-366-2930

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