Mandatory WSIB Ontario Home Renovators Exemption:

Law changeOccupants of private residences (and their family members) who hire contractors to do home renovation work are not required to get a clearance number. A contractor will qualify for the home renovation exemption and will not be required to have WSIB

coverage if: The business only performs home renovation work 100% of the time. The business only works on existing private residences. However, if the business employs workers, it must register with the WSIB and have coverage for its workers or sub contractors.

If at this residence for example these contractors are asked to complete a basement for commercial works, like a hair dressing salon of an at home insurance office or more and are paid by company cheque. This would be considered a commercial property and loss of exemption would occur.

Loss of exemption. If a property owner or a landlord (someone who owns the house but does not live in it e.g.: is renting it out, fixing it up to sell, or is building a new home), this work is not considered exempt home renovation work under the Act, and is not exempt. This loss of exemption applies to independent operators, sole proprietors, partners in a partnership or executive officers in a corporation.

Remember our article is for general information purposes and not intended as or to be relied upon for legal advice. Consult WSIB for your unique situation.


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