What kind of cell phone etiquette do you or your workers use?

job siteThe way a lot of contractors answer their phones these days leaves a lot to be desired.

Too many of us answer our phones on job sites and use minimum wording like: Yip, Yeah, Hmmm, and other unwelcoming little gems.

I know, I know, you’re multi-tasking. You might be halfway up scaffolding in strong cross winds. You might have both hands into an electrical panel while you crook the phone between your chin and your shoulder. But if you answer the phone sloppily, you’re leaving a sloppy impression.

Here’s my tip for 2015, don’t answer cell phones if the timing is wrong and you cannot answer the phone professionally. It’s all about marketing and making a good first impression, no matter who calls you. Why destroy in a fraction of a second what took ages to build? And if you answer the phone and tell the customer that you’re too busy to talk to them right then, that’s even worse.

Let mis-timed incoming calls go to voice messaging and make these messages sound professional. Better still, have someone else’s voice recorded on it, as it’s more impressive. We have one CARAHS member’s voice message that I could listen to over and over again. It’s upbeat and sounds like the kind of guy I would hire.

Some might think, we’re contractors, so who cares?

Well, we are also marketers.

That’s why we have our company’s name on our golf shirts, on our trucks, on lawn signs. Let’s not do anti-marketing in the way we answer our phones.

I hope this little tip helps you in 2015 and all comments are welcome on this subject.

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