What! shrapnel in home renovations!

The word “shrapnel” may cause visions of artillery shells exploding and pieces of metal scattering and shredding everything it touches into something too gory to put into words here.

Artillery shells are not the only thing that cause shrapnel. A home renovation contractor waited months for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) after falling at home and damaging his ankle only to be told he could not have the procedure done because shrapnel from splintering nails he’d hammered had lodged in his chest. Doing an MRI would move these pieces of metal and could become dangerous.

He remembers times when these dangerous pieces of metal off hammers lodged itself into another workers eye! It brings to mind the value of safety glasses. They are required under occupational health and safety rules in most provinces and in Ontario there is a fine for those caught not wearing them. Worse, if someone not wearing them looses their sight the Ministry of Labour’s job is to investigate, find fault and prosecute anyone, including business owners and supervisors, who are found negligent in protecting their workers.

Safety glasses these days come in a variety to colours and are shaped around the contours of your face to look super cool. Be cool and safe. its that simple.

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