Who would you rather have Christmas dinner with: Jim Caruk or Mike Holmes?

Jim_Caruk_010On the brink of the holiday season, I thought we could have a little fun this week. Let’s have a little, no-holds-barred venting from our much appreciated Canadian Contractor readers.

Tell us, below, your answer to this question: As a contractor, which celebrity TV contractor would you rather share your Christmas dinner with – Mike Holmes or Jim Caruk?

Kicking off this match in the blue corner is HGTV’s Jim Caruk, of “Real Renos” and “Builder Boss” fame.

Caruk got into the trades right out of high school in 1973, as an apprentice sheet metal worker. Even though he had a secure union gig, he decided after a few years to go out on his own as a renovator. His shows have always tried to show the contractor side of the renovation business.

The Edmonton Journal wrote last year: “Caruk is his construction business, which began his TV career, which in turn allowed him to bring his mission – supporting the trades and the consumers who use them – to fruition.” And if that isn’t enough, there’s the Renos for Heroes foundation (2009) which Caruk established to raise funds to cover home renovations for disabled military service people whose houses no longer function properly for them. It has made a difference in these wounded veterans’ lives.

HOLMES .facebook_1418258453589Now in the red corner we have Mike Holmes, the mega money-maker of HGTV’s “Holmes on Holmes,” “Holmes Makes It Right,” Mike Holmes Inspections, Mike Holmes Workwear, Holmes Approved Products, Holmes Communities and more.

Holmes learned his craft from his father, who started teaching him construction work when he was 6 years old. By the time he was 19, Holmes had started his first contracting company with a crew of 13 employees.

Since then he’s built a media and endorsement empire. Three years ago, Forbes magazine called this formerly bankrupt Canadian renovation contractor, “The third most trustworthy celebrity in the world” (behind Morgan Freeman and Ron Howard).

In 2006, Holmes started The Holmes Foundation to encourage young people to enter the building trades. He was recognized in Canada’s House of Commons for his promotion of skilled trades and for his advocacy for improved building standards. He was acknowledged as an “extraordinary crafts person” and “an accomplished master builder with a social conscience.”

The question is: of these two very different TV personalities, who would you choose to have Christmas dinner with, if you could? And why?


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