WSIB and Personal Accident Cover Why Have Both?

Since WSIB approved Bill 119 in 2012, we have seen many contractors cancel their Disability insurance. Their comment is, “I can’t afford to keep my good cover when I have to pay 9-10% or more to WSIB.”

Private Disability cover averages out to about 3-4% of net earnings and if the cover is for accident and sickness, then the owners of small businesses are covered 24 hours/day, 7 days a week. Private Personal accident cover also covers you for this.

Our clients, who have kept their private cover, have been happy as we have had over 20 disability claims during the last 2 years. Most of these accidents have also happened off the job. Several were even illness claims, specifically for cancer.

WSIB, just like private cover, will require proof of income at claim time, so if your company has a loss and you were hurt on the job, the chances of you getting paid are slim. However, CARAHS provides Contractor Accident Insurance that covers 24/7 on and off the job even if you are away on vacation and get hurt. It also does not integrate with WSIB or car insurance and proof of income is not required for up to $2000/month of benefit.

Before you cancel your private cover, stop and think, is it not worth the extra 3-4% to make sure that a claim will be paid for an accident or an illness?

We can help review your current cover and provide you with cover if you only have WSIB.

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