Bill 119 WSIB (Ontario) NOT MANDATORY for Home Renovators in 2013

This bill is expected to come in to force 2013 and it’s NOT MANDATORY for self employed contractors, who only do home renovations. They are EXEMPT.

The following information was gathered by CARAHS and comes directly from WSIB.

WHAT WSIB (Ontario) says:

“However, mandatory insurance coverage and the registration requirement do not apply to these categories of persons if their only construction work is home renovation work performed in specified circumstances” exempt home renovation work

Subsections (1) to (4) do not apply in respect of.

(a) Independent operators and sole proprietors who perform no construction work other than exempt home renovation work: and

(b) Partners in partnership and executive officers of corporations who perform construction work other than exempt home renovation work.


“Exempt home renovation work” means construction work that is performed,

(a) By an independent operator, sole proprietor, a partner in a partnership or executive officer of a corporation, and

(b) On an existing private residence that is occupied or to be occupied be the person who retains the independent operator, sole proprietor, partnership or corporation, or by a member of the person’s family;  


We hope this information brings clarity on these upcoming changes?

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